Mercer, Wisconsin, is a place rich in stories from before written history, to the pioneer days of trappers and loggers, to the conservation efforts of the early 1900s, to the resort era of the mid-twentieth century, and to the present day. 

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Woodcraft 1921.mp3

1921 review of the 2nd year of Camp Manitowish's operation. Details egarding camp setting, mission, goals and the contrast between urban and non…

A Real Hot Lynx Story

A Real Hot Lynx Story 1898.mp3

Outdoorsman and guide Fay Buck catches 2 lynx cubs and was attacked by the mother lynx

Into the Wild Woods II

Into the Wild Woods II 1899.mp3

Part I of a 2 part series regarding a hunting and fishing trip with Manitowish Waters guides. Plenty of adventure and details.