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Chapter from masters thesis that includes 5 trip-tickets that support key routes in the Lac Du Flambeau District. Supporting maps can be found at

MW Chain DTT.pdf
Web site created to capture the impact of the Rest Lake Dam on history and cultural resources. This early research hold-up well, except later research reveals Army Corps documents clearly suggest the 25 foot dam site on Vance lake was never build…

This plan for the Montreal River Canyon includes accounts of the Flambeau Trail and its relationship to the canyon.This plan was created for the Town of Saxon (Iron County).

Jedediah Stevens 1824.pdf
Detailed accounts of the Ojibwa in Lapointe, Odanah, and lac Du Flambeau. Unique accounts of winter travel that degrades as the spring thaw sets-in. Excellent Flambeau Trail accounts and the use of sled and dogs. Excerpt used in Flambeau Trail…

1966 Flambeau Trail Rededication Newsrelease.pdf
A newspaper article describing the 1966 re-dedication of the Flambeau Trail in Iron County, WI

Journal of Rev Hall 1832.pdf
Sherman Hall's journals from his ministry along Lake Superior and traveling to Lac Du Flambeau are among the best sources for the Flambeau trail. This document was part of a Flambeau Trail Class.

Cram 1841 Apendix 3.pdf
Two documents that detail the errors in the orders to T J Cram by Congress to survey a border between Wisconsin and Michigan. These early errors let to an ongoing dispute that was ultimately settled in the U.S. Supreme Court in the 20th Century.…

W. Warren and H R Schoolcraft excerpts.pdf
document freated for Flambeau Trail class shared by a participant. Document highlights two important historic events that took place near the trailhead of the Flambeau Trail.

forest and stream excerpt.pdf
Part of a 5 part series on winter trapping with Fay Buck and other well-known trappers. Article IV has excellent detail regarding Ojibwa using Mercer for seasonal winter harvest as they had for over 150 years when the area was known as the Turtle…

excerpt.History_of_the_Ojibway_Nation Turtle Portage .pdf
Excerpt was sued as part of a Flambeau Trail class. Warren reviews Ojibwa communities along the south shore of Lake Superior and the interior region. Identifies Turtle Portage and Trout Lake as staging areas for the Ojibwa occupation of Lac Du…
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