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doty 1820map.tif
James D. Doty map from 1820 supporting the Jounal of the 1820 expedition of Doty, Schoolcraft, and Cass. Excerpt from Doty Journal in support of Flambeau Trail class.

Federal American Indian Policy 1.0.pdf
Review of historic Euroepan colonial and United States polices toward American Indians. Creating context for how varing EuroAmerican communites shaped relationships with American Indians.

Chapter from masters thesis that includes 5 trip-tickets that support key routes in the Lac Du Flambeau District. Supporting maps can be found at

Bokern Flambeau Trail to LDF 1987.pdf
Map created to support trip ticket for master's thesis. Hand drawn by Taschia Bokern. Synthesis of numerous 19th century maps and journals.

Iron Co. Flambeua Trail map.jpg
Map created as part of a collaborative effort of Iron County residents. T. C. Chamberline's map was used as a baseline for this map and key details were both added and removed from the orginal.

highlighted chamberline map.pdf
Geological survey that illustrates the trail networks between the outlet of the Montreal River and Oronto Creek joining the Flambeau Trail. Map clarifies some modern interpretations of the orgin of the Flambeau Trail. Highlights were added in…

Norwood Journal  1847.pdf
J. G. Norwood was attached to the Owen Geological Expedtion exploreing the norhern Mississippi River and Lake Superior. Norwood's documentation of Ojibwa communites, routes, and culture are among the best from the 19th century. Excerpts of this map…

falls superior.jpg
Image from Norwood's Report under the Owen Expedtion revealing the ojibwa use of the Flambeau Trailhead. Excerpt created for Flambeau Trail calss.

Doty, Schoolcraft, Cass 1820 Journal.pdf
Detailed account of the traves of Doty, Cass and Schoolcraft along the shore of Lake Superior. Great details regarding Ojibwa communites and culture. Excerpt (pages 198-200) created by Jim Bokern to support a course on the Flambeau Trail and Ojibwa…

A Real Hot Lynx Story 1898.mp3
Outdoorsman and guide Fay Buck catches 2 lynx cubs and was attacked by the mother lynx
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